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Team BC Performance Journal

Team BC uses a custom performance journal. You can build your own by printing the following pages. Feel free to assemble it in any order but here is how we put it together. Print all your pages 8 X 11.5 double sided. First Create a cover page with your personal details. Then add an Equipment Log page, use this page to track all the settings and adjustments you make to your Equipment. The Competition Log page is used to track your personal results. Next add two or three Results Graph pages. These are used to plot your practice and competition scores. You will need 50 or more of the Daily journal pages to get started. These are the heart of the journal and should be used to track your performance at every training session. They create the data you need to review with your coach. For some types of training like going for a run or other physical activity you can also use the Weekly Journal page. At the end of your book be sure to add at least one of the Travel Checklist pages for future reference. Any time you need extra room to write or if you like to make large journal entries then make use of the lined Note Pages.

Keeping a good journal is a vital part of your training. You can download all of these pages in one Journal.zip file.

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