Rifle Specialties


Small-bore (22 Calibre) shooting takes place at levels from individuals in clubs to the Olympics and World Championships. The BCTSA provides coaching and competitive opportunities to .22 and air rifle athletes of all ages in Prone and 3-Position (3P) target shooting. Its goal is to advance their members’ shooting skills—no matter their current skill.

In competition BCTSA supports both "Free Rifle" and "Sporting Rifle" events. Free Rifle competitions require elaborate .22 calibre rifles, specialised clothing and accessories. Sporting Rifle competition is a uniquely Canadian event in which athletes use common sporting rifles and there is less dependency on specialized equipment or clothing.

Air Rifle

Air Rifle is shot by both men and women in competitions from club level to the Olympics. All shooting is done from the standing position but Canada is starting to get involved in the 3 Position Rifle shooting which has become very popular in Europe and the USA. Men and Women are placed in classes according to ability so the thrill of winning is available to all who try this fast growing sport.

Most clubs around British Columbia have programs to help their members learn and compete.

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