Sporting Rifle

“Sporting Rifle” competition is a uniquely Canadian event and is not recognized by the ISSF in the same manner as Free Rifle competition. Despite this Sporting rifle is a popular and growing sport in Canada. Sporting rifle completion is governed by the Shooting Federation Canada (SFC) and you can find the rules in our reference material. In competition there are both prone position only and “3-Position” (prone, standing and kneeling) events at 50 meters.  Sporting Rifle events (prone only or 3-P) are open to men and women, adults and juniors.


One reason sporting rifle competition is popular because of the lower equipment cost, unlike a Free rifle, an athlete can be competitive in this event with a relatively simple .22 calibre rim fire rifle.  The athlete must still acquire the all the skills  of target shooting, and train with dedication. The only allowable sights are aperture or "peep" sights. meaning no telescopic sights or other optics may be used on the sights. 

When considering a rifle for competition athletes must observe the rules about total weight of the rifle, trigger pull weight, stock dimensions etc. Many common sporting rifles will meet these rules but you must be sure to check if your rifle is suitable prior to a competition.

Sporting rifle rules do allow competitors to wear a shooting jacket made of canvas or leather to provide support to the upper body. Shooting pants or trousers and boots may also be worn when shooting in the standing position. Unlike free rifle events, slings are  strictly prohibited. Other equipment like prone mats, kneeling rolls and spotting scopes  may also be used Just as in free rifle.

Specific rules that govern the equipment for sporting rifle can be found in the SFC rule book.

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