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    Read the latest BC Silhouette Update!

  • 09 Jun 2020 12:07 PM | Anonymous

    The State of Emergency in BC has been extended with “no likely end in sight”. viaSport, who funds BCTSA and coordinates sport in BC, submitted their Sport Sector Return to Sport guidelines, and the Government and WorkSafe BC have reviewed and approved the document.

    Our BCTSA Board of Directors developed a Return to Sport Plan and Workbook for the Shooting Sports which supplements the requirements of viaSport and the government with shooting specific details. These should not be used as stand-alone documents, but rather in conjunction with the guidelines published by viaSport and the Province of BC.

    Clubs should review these documents and develop plans specific to their own venues and needs. It is not BCTSA’s role to dictate what you can or cannot do. Our role is to help you understand what is being asked of you by the Province and the Public Health Officer and provide resources to help you develop your own plans.

    viaSport’s document includes a Return to Sport Activity Chart which outlines the types of activities that can be considered as we transition through the various return phases. Note that we are currently in the second column, “Transition Measures”, which lasts until at least September. This chart should be viewed in conjunction with Provincial and local Health orders and recommendations, which include gatherings of fewer than 50, and adhere to requirements of your posted plan, which should follow the guidelines provided by viaSport and BCTSA.

    It is still the advice of public health officials to move ahead slowly.

    According to the Provincial Health Office, every organization is required to publicly share their Return to Activity Plans. These plans must be developed prior to reopening your facility. Every person attending your venue should have access to your Plans to understand the risks of attending and understand what is required of them if they choose to participate.

    The health and safety of our members is not a trivial matter.

    Shooters, your frustration is shared by all of us. We want to be back shooting as much as you do. We want to ensure that it is safe to do so, and that we are acting reasonably and prudently. But the onus is not only on the Association and the clubs. You, the athletes and participants, also need to ensure that you are doing your part. Please have patience while clubs navigate new protocols. Do not attend if you have been in contact with, or you yourself have, COVID-19 symptoms. Follow the new rules that will be set by each facility.


    1. viaSport Sport Sector Return-to-Sport guidelines approved and published (done)
    2. BCTSA develops a plan to align with the viaSport plan (done)
    3. BCTSA publishes plan & associated workbook (done)
    4. Clubs to create/review their plans to align with the BCTSA Plan and, where applicable, the plans of the facility-owner (recreation facility, municipality, landlord, etc.)
      a. Ensure that club plans are specific to your facility
      b. Club-plans to be approved by the club’s board of directors
      c. Clubs to publish their plans
    5. Reopen sport, following the plan, and following provincial/municipal recommendations.

    Find the BCTSA Return to Sport Plan and Workbook below, along with many other resources, on our website.

    Return to Sport - Shooting Workbook V1.1.docx

    Return to Sport - Shooting V1.0.docx

  • 06 Jun 2020 5:40 PM | Darryl Craig (Administrator)

    Check out the new Community Program Guide posted in the coaches reference section. 

  • 18 Apr 2019 10:59 AM | Anonymous

    Our Spring newsletter is now online. Not a member of BCTSA? Join now and support BC Target Sports!

  • 18 Apr 2019 10:57 AM | Anonymous

    Results for the 2019 Silhouette Rifle Championships as well as the 2019 Paul Alexander Memorial match can be found in the Results area.

  • 05 Apr 2019 3:33 PM | Anonymous

    Leave No Steel Standing

    The 2019 BC Provincials (March 23-25) were outstandingly hosted by George Kesic and crew at the Mission silhouette range. Regardless of it being an early-in-the-year provincial competition, the stakes were high with competitors from all over the province and the USA vying for the achievement of winning their class. Competition aside, it was a great time catching up with old friends and making new ones, seeing new shooters step up to the line in such a big competition, shaking off those game day jitters we all get.

    Day one of the competition was Smallbore (SB) Standard Rifle and Hunter Rifle. George gave the morning speech welcoming everyone, thanking them all for traveling great distances to support the BC Provincials. When we heard “Relay one to the line” the visiting was over and the competition had begun. “Relay one, for you first bank of targets, READY” as the spotters did their final adjustments on their scopes and the shooters picked up their rifle, shouldered it and came down into their bank of silhouettes. “FIRE”. With calm, ideal conditions for shooting, it was going to be an exciting 3 day shoot.

    Once day one was over and 80 shots were completed for both SB Standard and SB Hunter, it was easy to see that each class was up for grabs. This was exciting to say the least for those spectating on social media with nail biting scores separating the competitors. The morning of day two was used to finish Smallbore (third match for each of SB Standard and Hunter). Scores were quickly summed and aggregates (sum of 3 matches) were calculated.

    From B to Master class in SB Hunter Rifle aggregate winners were: B- Marilyn Beaubien. A- In a shoot off. Faye Rayment. AA- Harry Rayment. AAA- Mike Rutherford. Master- In a shoot off. Justin Marsh. Match Winner- Kalvin Marsh.

    From B to Master class in SB Standard Rifle aggregate winners were: B- Marilyn Beaubien. A- Chanoa Cody. AA- Bill Letcher. AAA- Daniel Geroux. Master- Eric Boos. Match Winner- Justin Marsh.

    The Smallbore competition was very tight and it was exciting to see different shooters win their respective classes. As soon as the SB award presentations were finished the big guns came out for the High-power event.

    At the end of the second 40 shot High-power (HP) match the competitors and target setters were tired and ready to rest for the final day of the Provincial competition. After the long day, the social media updates were late getting posted.

    It was great to see how many people were waiting all over the world for updates to see how everyone was doing.

    The 3rd and final day of the competition was underway with the HP Open Champion still up for grabs between the three Marsh brothers and Eric Boos, the Washington champion. The High-power scores were impressive!

    High-power can be a challenging task, not only are you already shooting off-hand with no artificial support and battling the conditions (wind, mirage, and the pressure) but also battling the recoil of a large caliber rifle making a large boom.

    Two 40 shot High-power matches seemed to be over almost as quick as they began. The scoreboard huddle was busy as always with everyone looking to see how they placed. George took down the score sheets and tallied up all the HP scores.

    From B to Master class in High-power Hunter Rifle aggregate winners were: B- Joule McDonald. A- Bill Letcher. AA- Rick Fraser. AAA- Jason Marsh. Master- Kalvin Marsh. Match Winner- Justin Marsh.

    From B to Master class in High-power Standard Rifle aggregate winners were: B- Joule McDonald. A- Trudy Phillips. AA- Rick Fraser. AAA- Richard Carere. Master- Justin Marsh. Match Winner- Kalvin Marsh.

    Additional to this exciting event, a few BCTSA records were broken and a Grand Slam award was presented by the BCTSA silhouette provincial director himself!! Jason Marsh was presented his Smallbore Hunter Grand slam pin. Kalvin Marsh smashed the old 120 shot Smallbore hunter rifle record hitting 113 targets; that means he only missed seven! Great shooting! Jordan Marsh set a new long run record on High-power Standard rifle hitting 18-in-a-row rams. Kalvin Marsh and Justin Marsh also completed their Grand Slams with High-power standard rifle!!

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    May Long Weekend, 17-18-19-20

    Sponsored by


    SATURDAY DINNER (To Be Announced)

    Welcome to Everyone!

  • 15 Feb 2019 11:24 AM | Darryl Craig (Administrator)

    Registration for the Whistler Coaches Summit is now open. The Summit is designed specifically to support coaches in the completion of several key NCCP Multi-Sport modules at the Competition Development level, in an environment that is truly multi-sport and interactive on the 2010 Legacy Campus!

    Details about accommodations, registration and meal packages available are on our events page.

  • 12 Feb 2019 9:04 AM | Darryl Craig (Administrator)

    Congratulation to the following athletes for their AAP and HPA awards: Allan Harding, Sullivan Fagan, Brian Ng, Sera Nami, Katheryn Sheldon, Gabriella Dube, Leia Hoot, Isabella Aljam-Antoine, and Gurjeevan Sing Sidhu

  • 28 Oct 2018 8:18 PM | Darryl Craig (Administrator)
    For 2019 the AAP and HPA have a combined application and evaluation process. This is designed to simplify the administration of the programs and provide athletes with the information they need to plan and budget their training year. Application information can be found in the AAP-HPA Application Information package.
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