BC's Return to Sport!

09 Jun 2020 12:07 PM | Allan Harding (Administrator)

The State of Emergency in BC has been extended with “no likely end in sight”. viaSport, who funds BCTSA and coordinates sport in BC, submitted their Sport Sector Return to Sport guidelines, and the Government and WorkSafe BC have reviewed and approved the document.

Our BCTSA Board of Directors developed a Return to Sport Plan and Workbook for the Shooting Sports which supplements the requirements of viaSport and the government with shooting specific details. These should not be used as stand-alone documents, but rather in conjunction with the guidelines published by viaSport and the Province of BC.

Clubs should review these documents and develop plans specific to their own venues and needs. It is not BCTSA’s role to dictate what you can or cannot do. Our role is to help you understand what is being asked of you by the Province and the Public Health Officer and provide resources to help you develop your own plans.

viaSport’s document includes a Return to Sport Activity Chart which outlines the types of activities that can be considered as we transition through the various return phases. Note that we are currently in the second column, “Transition Measures”, which lasts until at least September. This chart should be viewed in conjunction with Provincial and local Health orders and recommendations, which include gatherings of fewer than 50, and adhere to requirements of your posted plan, which should follow the guidelines provided by viaSport and BCTSA.

It is still the advice of public health officials to move ahead slowly.

According to the Provincial Health Office, every organization is required to publicly share their Return to Activity Plans. These plans must be developed prior to reopening your facility. Every person attending your venue should have access to your Plans to understand the risks of attending and understand what is required of them if they choose to participate.

The health and safety of our members is not a trivial matter.

Shooters, your frustration is shared by all of us. We want to be back shooting as much as you do. We want to ensure that it is safe to do so, and that we are acting reasonably and prudently. But the onus is not only on the Association and the clubs. You, the athletes and participants, also need to ensure that you are doing your part. Please have patience while clubs navigate new protocols. Do not attend if you have been in contact with, or you yourself have, COVID-19 symptoms. Follow the new rules that will be set by each facility.


  1. viaSport Sport Sector Return-to-Sport guidelines approved and published (done)
  2. BCTSA develops a plan to align with the viaSport plan (done)
  3. BCTSA publishes plan & associated workbook (done)
  4. Clubs to create/review their plans to align with the BCTSA Plan and, where applicable, the plans of the facility-owner (recreation facility, municipality, landlord, etc.)
    a. Ensure that club plans are specific to your facility
    b. Club-plans to be approved by the club’s board of directors
    c. Clubs to publish their plans
  5. Reopen sport, following the plan, and following provincial/municipal recommendations.

Find the BCTSA Return to Sport Plan and Workbook below, along with many other resources, on our website.

Return to Sport - Shooting Workbook V1.1.docx

Return to Sport - Shooting V1.0.docx

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